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Little Mermaids

Can you believe it is February already? We’ve hit the ground running this week with all three girls in the family back to school. Alice is now in Year 5 and is in a class of Year 5 and Year 6. It’s quite a small class with only around 13 or so students. Lucy’s class is much bigger, being Year 2, 3 and 4. They’ve both stayed with the same teacher as last year and seem pretty happy, though it’s taking Lucy a little bit of adjustment to get back into the routine of school. I’m back working in the front office 5 days a week this term and it’s been a hectic but fun week. I’ve really enjoyed being back in the workforce after a long break. I’ve still got a lot to learn but I feel like I’m making progress and not asking quite as many questions as I used to.

We came home from the Central Coast thinking we might have a couple of weeks rest before heading back to work but who was I kidding? Linden went back to work and the girls and I had a lot of things planned. I spent a few days cooking and freezing snacks and meals for when I went back to work to make life a little easier. We went to Lismore shopping a few days and we saw Steve Backshall from the Deadly 60 Live in Concert at the Lismore City Hall. It was so much fun seeing him in real life after watching him on TV for years. The girls loved the show.

We spent 2 nights in Coffs Harbour for Australia Day and attended a Family Reunion of my Dad’s family. We used to go to these reunions every year when I was younger, either at a cousin’s house in Hornsby or one in Palm Beach. I have so many great memories of playing with cousins, hugs from Aunts and Uncles and swimming in the pool. It was always a fun day catching a ferry to Palm Beach and then spending the day with family. It was a mad rush to get the last ferry back home because we never wanted to say goodbye. In more recent years, the reunions have been passed on to the next generation and we don’t have them as often due to the extended family being spread Australia-wide (even world-wide) making it difficult to get people together. The original generation that started the reunions are getting older, making it hard to travel for most of them. I’m so grateful that we can still get together every few years and catch up with cousins, aunts and uncles.

We stayed in a Coffs Harbour resort with my mum, two sisters, brother in law and two nephews. We had such a lovely 2 days together. My little mermaids spent most of the two days in various pools and were quite waterlogged by the time we left to go home.

The girls’ gymnastics class started back up today and they looked so happy to be back at gym. Alice was complaining the class is too basic but there’s not much we can do about it at the moment. It’s still the closest gym centre to where we live and she can only do the basic Saturday morning class.

I think I’ve caught you up on what we’ve been doing the past few weeks. There hasn’t been much change to Tabulam, there is still a lot of work being done on the new bridge. The weather has been lovely this past week or so, we’ve had a lot of rain and it has cooled down a lot. I don’t think there is much else to report for now.

Until next time x

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