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Fraser Island Adventure

We’ve been back from our Fraser Island adventure for a week now and I’ve finally got a few minutes to sit down and write about our trip. In typical Jewkes holiday style, we had quite a bit of rain, even a tornado warning on our last night on the island but thankfully the rain was only ever at night or on our travelling days. I’m so grateful I talked Linden out of camping this time around, it wouldn’t have been pleasant.

We spent 5 nights on the island at Kingfisher Bay Resort in a 2 bedroom villa. Her’e’s our travel diary.

Day 1 – We dropped Minnie off at her boarding kennel and made our way up the coast to Nambour for the night. We arrived later than we were hoping so didn’t get much time to spend with my beautiful friend Louise and her boys but it’s always great to catch up with her when we are nearby. Linden got out for a surf in the rain so he was happy after a long day of driving.

Day 2 – Our 13 year wedding anniversary! We visited Noosa in the morning and the girls had a great surf. The water was so clear and the water temperature was perfect. Mid-morning we drove up to River Heads where we were to catch the barge across to Fraser Island. We were surprised at how unobtrusive the resort is. The whole resort is nestled into the trees and it’s so very quiet. We had booked a 2 bedroom fully self contained villa so we could cook our own meals. Having our own laundry was fantastic too to get wet towels dry each day. The resort pools were lovely and clean and it wasn’t very crowded the week we were there which was great. I couldn’t believe how quiet the resort was. We were only woken up each morning by birds singing in the trees.

Day 3 – Lucy turns 10! We gave the birthday girl a choice of sights to visit and she chose Lake McKenzie. Lake McKenzie is around 10km from the resort. I’m glad Linden decided to drive, the tracks took a bit of getting used to and I don’t think I would have had the confidence, especially when another car comes towards you and you have to find a passing bay. Lake McKenzie is just how I remembered it from 15 years ago. Still crystal clear water and incredibly beautiful colours. We took a lot of care not to use sunscreen or insect repellant as these have been damaging the lakes and people are asked not to use them. All food must also stay locked up in cars so as not to attract the dingoes. We had a magical hour or so swimming and playing before heading to Lake Birrabeen. Lake Birrabeen is less crowded than Lake McKenzie but just as pretty with pure white sand and clear blue water. We also drove to Lake Boomanjin which is the world’s largest perched lake and has an incredible tea-coloured water.

After the lakes we stopped at Central Station and went for a walk along the boardwalk to see Wanggoolba Creek. The rainforest in this area is so beautiful and Wanggoolba Creek plays tricks with your mind. It looks like there is scum sitting on the top of the creek until your eyes adjust and you realise it’s the quartz sand underneath the crystal-clear water.

Day 4 – Another big day planned with a trip to the East Coast. We drove about an hour to get to 75 mile beach and drove along the sand highway to the Maheno Shipwreck. Once a luxury steamship, then during WWI she was used as a hospital ship. When she was retired, was sold to Japan as scrap metal. In 1935 she was being towed up the coast from Sydney when a cyclone hit and she drifted onto the beach on Fraser Island where she was abandoned. In WWII she was used as a target for bombing practice.

The beach was a lot more crowded than the inland tracks with 4WDs, campers and people fishing. We saw 2 dingoes walking along the beach. Fraser Island is thought to have the purest strain of dingo in eastern Australia.

We then drove north to Champagne Pools and spent a while exploring the rockpools. There were whales jumping out of the water just off the beach. It’s towards the end of the migration season and there were lots of mothers and calves putting on a show. The rockpools are a popular place to visit and swim with lots of small fish in the pools.

After cooling off, we drove to Eli Creek and spent an hour or so floating down the creek on our inflatables. It’s a crowded spot with visitors and tour buses but it wasn’t too busy that we didn’t enjoy it. Eli Creek pours 80 million litres of freshwater into the ocean every day. It’s clear fresh water was beautiful to swim in.

Day 5 – With whales still in the area, we decided to take a morning whale watch cruise. The boat picked us up around 7.30am and we were taken up to Platypus Bay where the whales usually play. We weren’t disappointed, seeing around a dozen humpback whales. There were mothers and calves and the calves were very active breaching and waving. It was so beautiful to watch. One mother and calf came right up to the side of the boat which was a nice treat. The conditions weren’t the best with choppy water and a bit windy. Thankfully we didn’t get seasick but a few passengers didn’t fare so well.

The afternoon was spent relaxing around the pool. After a couple of very long and busy driving days, a rest was just what we all needed. We decided to have dinner out at one of the resort restaurants. We chose The Sand Bar which was more casual bistro style dining.

Day 6 – Our last day on the Island, we decided to go back to Lake McKenzie. We wanted to visit Lake Wabby with it’s green water and sand dunes but the weather was meant to turn nasty in the afternoon and it was a long drive and walk into the lake so we didn’t want to risk being caught out. We spent a couple of hours at Lake McKenzie and it was just perfect.

Later than night the storm was coming and we were getting emergency text messages warning to take shelter as a possible tornado was approaching. Thankfully it didn’t come to the Island, we just had a lot of rain and lightning. The girls went to join a Junior Eco Ranger night and made some new friends playing games and having dinner.

Day 7 – We caught the barge back to the mainland and drove to Coolangatta for the night. Torrential rain almost the whole way there and horrendous traffic meant we arrived a lot later than we hoped and weren’t able to get to the beach.

Day 8 – It rained again in the morning and surf conditions weren’t good enough to swim or surf so we went for a walk, then met some family for brunch before heading home from a wonderful holiday.

Sorry to load you with such a long post. Until next time x

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