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We’ve settled in back home and into the school routine for another year. The girls are enjoying their new classes and happy to be back with their friends. After school and Saturday morning activities have started back up again and I feel pretty relaxed.

The school swimming carnival was held last week on a 40+ degree day. I think being in such a small school has helped their confidence and they entered every race they could (other than butterfly). Alice came 2nd in 10yr girls 50m freestyle and 1st in the Junior Relay. Lucy came 2nd in 9yr girls 50m freestyle, 2nd in junior girls 50m breaststroke and 1st in the Junior Relay. I was so proud of them for having a go, especially when they are not competitive swimmers. They both made it onto the region carnival which will be this coming Friday.

I’ve started helping out at the school again and really enjoy the time I get with the kids and feeling like I’m making a difference. I still don’t know what I’m doing yet but the teachers give me tasks and I work through them. I’m about half way through my course and I’ve really started enjoying studying.

They’re both looking forward to swim club starting up again tomorrow afternoon. It’s such a fun afternoon with their friends.

Lucy has been asking about horse riding lessons and we discovered her teacher’s daughter is a wonderful instructor so I have to contact her to find out a bit more about it. I guess it was inevitable out here that one or both of them would want to learn to ride a horse. Alice says she’s not interested but that might change once she sees Lucy having a try.

The vege patch is getting a bit out of control and taking over the garden! Our freezer is overflowing with cherry tomatoes and zucchinis. I can’t keep up with how much it’s producing. I make zucchini slice every couple of days but it’s still not enough. We’ve even started supplying the Co-op with our basil. We have a few pumpkins that are getting bigger and a couple of watermelons growing nicely. It’s so overgrown out there that I’m scared to walk through it to pick veges in case there are snakes or other nasties under the plants. Did you know how prickly zucchini plants are? I cut zucchinis and the prickles from the leaves and stalks make my arms so itchy! I would hate to be a zucchini farmer, they must have some kind of arm protection to stop the itching.

The girls have their first friends coming over for a play date this afternoon and they’re all so excited. It’s difficult with their school friends all living a fair distance away but we’ve made arrangements for them all to catch the bus home together and I’ll drive them home after a couple of hours play. They’ve made some lovely little friends at school so I’m sure this won’t be the only play date organised.

I don’t have much in the way of photos this time around, just a few progress shots of the vege garden. I have been very slack in getting my camera out.

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