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Taking Things for Granted

This past couple of weeks, I’ve realised how much I took for granted living in a built up area. Not just the obvious things like supermarkets, movies and after school activities but being able to get a pink slip for car rego at a mechanic that isn’t an hour’s drive away. Or having a skin check at the skin cancer clinic that isn’t a two hour drive away. There’s also the inconvenience of a daughter that needs to have a filling in her tooth but is so petrified of any dentist other than the one we used to see on the Central Coast. Thankfully, we will be back on the Coast in 2 weeks and have an appointment to get it fixed.

Small inconveniences that I had not really thought about prior to moving here. It’s not a huge deal, it just makes me realise how easy we had things back on the Coast. I do wish we could have a mobile skin cancer bus like the library book mobile that visits town every fortnight, or the mobile Breastscreen bus that visits a local town a few times a year. Surely there is need for a mobile skin cancer check with how serious melanoma is in Australia and these rural families that would be spending so much of their lives in the sun, with nowhere close to have tests done. Something to think about.

Lucy’s had a bit of an emotional week. I think the closer it gets to us heading back to the Central Coast for the school holidays, the more she realises she misses her friends back home. There have been a few tears at school but I keep reminding her that she is so lucky to have beautiful friends back home and new beautiful friends here at her new school. Double the friends! She’s really looking forward to going back to the Coast though and is counting down the days.

This week I submitted my final assignment for my course and have completed my 100 workplace hours at the school. It won’t be long now until I have a Certificate III in Education Support and will be a qualified Teacher’s Aide. I’ve been so lucky to have five days casual work this past fortnight and have gained so much experience with children with various needs and disabilities.

Tabulam is currently organising a Blueberry Festival to be held in May and I’ve joined the organising committee through my CWA friends. We had our first meeting today and it sounds like it’s going to be a great day with lots of local businesses joining to make it a real community event.

The blueberry season will be starting up again in the very near future. If you see ‘Mountain Blue’ blueberries in your local supermarket, you will know they are from our local farms in Tabulam. The farm will be employing 500 pickers this year from locals to backpackers and the town will start to buzz with foreign accents again. It’s so good for our community and local businesses. Linden is trying to convince me to rent out our spare room to a backpacker. He thinks it would be a great experience for the girls to learn another language. I’m thinking he just wants a sexy young French girl in the spare room!

Can you believe the temperature gauge hit 45 degrees again today? I thought Summer was over but far out it’s been hot again today. We have Tuesday afternoon ball sports today after school and this week it’s rugby. I hope it cools down a bit before 4pm. Alice is surprisingly really excited and played a bit at lunchtime yesterday with the School Chaplain who organises the games. She’s never had much experience in team sports but the Chaplain was telling me how good she was and she has real potential. I’m looking forward to watching them this afternoon.

Oh and how amazing is Lucy’s hair in these photos? I love their hair so much – the colour and curl. Just beautiful!! Though I’m biased I know.

March 28, 2017 - 3:27 pm

Joan Ryan - Just read your blog really interesting, can’t wait to see you all again soon.
Love the photo’s too

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