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So many positives

We’ve had a very positive, happy week here in Tabulam.

Last weekend was all about the garden and we spent most of Sunday planting out a vege and herb patch in the backyard. We found a lovely nursery in Lismore on Saturday with some good quality seedlings. The girls helped Linden plant tomatoes, rhubarb, nasturtium, marigolds, shallots, sage, basil, chives, zucchini, beans, carrots and some pumpkin seeds. Since then, Linden has created a bromeliad area under the crepe myrtle tree and is now planting out some indoor plants (he says indoor plants are back in fashion).

After the hot day in the garden on Sunday we all headed down to the river for a swim for a couple of hours. The girls played on their inflatable rings going down river and running back up. I can see this becoming very popular in the Summer and it will be hard to get them home for dinner!

Another positive has been a personal one for me. I’ve been helping out in the classroom and love getting to know the kids and their personalities. I’ve been wanting to do the Teacher’s Aide course for a few years now but have always had been told that I shouldn’t do it for one reason or another – usually because there’s no funding and it’s hard to get work. Finally, I’ve decided to ignore everyone else and do what I want to do. Yesterday I enrolled in the online TAFE course to get qualified. The teacher’s at school I’ve been speaking to have been so positive and I can’t wait to start studying. It’s been many years since I’ve tried to study so I hope that I enjoy it.

The girls left this morning for their 2 day camp to Coffs Harbour. I must say I’m a little jealous of all the cool things they will get to do – ice skating, canoeing, obstacle courses, circus skills and fencing. It all sounds like so much fun and they were all very excited this morning when they got on the bus. Or as Lucy says ‘nervicited’ (nervous/excited at the same time). After we dropped them off, we decided to go and explore a bit of the area. A couple of days ago, I’d seen a great field of huge hay bales that I wanted to go back to photograph with my ‘big’ camera so we drove out there and then followed the road out to Urbenville and Woodenbong. Another couple of tiny little towns with some beautiful old houses. We love the old glass windows with textured glass and the pretty little cottage gardens.

We’ve also booked a 2 night trip out to Byron Bay in early December. It will be great to get back to the ocean for a couple of days.


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