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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s been a long time between Blog posts. As it is with most people this time of year, we’ve had a hectic few weeks and, at times, I’ve felt like I’m drowning. A couple of weeks back I was so stressed and my blood pressure felt so high, I was quite concerned about my health. I’m trying to lower it and not get too stressed but that’s just my nature I guess and I find it very hard to wind down and relax. Work has been full on with getting end of year reports out but we can breathe a sigh of relief that they are now done.

The girls both received very good reports from their teachers and the new class structure has been announced for next year which both girls are very happy about. They are going to remain with their current teachers. Lucy will be in a combined 2/3/4 class and Alice will be in a combined 5/6 class. I think Alice is happy not to have to share a classroom with Lucy.

They’ve had a fantastic year this year both receiving awards at presentation night. They both received sports/swimming certificates for representing the school at zone carnivals and Premier Reading Challenge Certificates. Alice also received Jnr Girl Champion for Athletics, a Premier’s Sporting Award certificate and medal. She also received an award for the “Most Improved in Year 4” which is a huge achievement for her. She has worked really hard all year. We are so proud of both girls.

They both received Gold Merit Awards which enabled them to go on this year’s Reward Excursion. They headed off this morning to Robina in Queensland to spend a couple of hours at Bounce. I’m sure they’ll have an awesome time, I just hope they don’t come back injured.

All their activities are winding up for the year with Swim Club finished now until next term. Gymnastics will finish on Saturday with their end of year concert. This year’s theme is ‘Musical Theatre’ and the girls are in a ‘Cats’ routine.

Their CAPA night was lots of fun with both their classes performing a routine. It’s good to have it combined with the high school so we can see the talented band members, art students, plays and fashion parade from the Textiles students.

Our last day at school and work is tomorrow and then we’ll start to get ready to head back to the Central Coast to spend Christmas with the family. I’ve been busy packing, sorting clothes and presents but I think I’m slowly getting there.

Lana the elf has returned to cause some mischief around the home. The girls are very excited to look for her every morning to see what she’s been up to. Me? – not so much.

Not a lot has been happening around Tabulam lately. They have started work on the new bridge so that’s all systems go for the next couple of years. We have cows out the back again and a few of them have had their calves. They’re a couple of weeks old now but these photos were taken when they were 1 or 2 days old. They are adorable when they are so young. The girls like to give them names and at last count we thought there were 4 but one seems to have gone missing so we’re not sure if it survived.

It might be a few weeks before I get a chance to Blog again so Merry Christmas to anyone that reads my Blog and I hope 2018 is a good one with lots of positive energy.

Camping in a Storm

Life is spinning and going so fast I’m struggling so I’ll keep this post short. Sunday we decided to go camping for a night at Lederville. The location was beautiful right next to the Rocky River with cattle and stock horses. We did manage to have a play at the River before the huge storm hit in the late afternoon. It wasn’t much fun after that so we packed up early Monday morning and drove home in the rain.

Battle of Beersheba 100 year Anniversary

This week Tabulam has been abuzz with remembering the Australian Lighthorse Brigade and the 100 year anniversary of the Battle of Beersheba. General Sir Harry Chauvel who led the charge at Beersheba was born in Tabulam and a 3 day memorial ride had been organised in his honour as well as honouring all the men and horses who fought at Beersheba.

It was a very proud afternoon on Tuesday listening to stories and bush poetry of the Battle and the significance of Tabulam in the Lighthorse history.

After the speeches, 20 riders reinacted the famous charge and it was intimidating watching them ride straight for the crowd. I can only imagine how the Turks felt when they heard and saw 800 horsemen charging their trenches.

The next morning the riders started their 3 day ride but were unable to ride across the river as originally planned as the recent rain had made the river too dangerous for the horses to cross. Instead they rode across the Tabulam Bridge and are now making their way to Copmanhurst where there will be a memorial service on Saturday morning.

There are lots of photos and news articles if you wanted to research some more. The Beersheba Memorial Ride 2017, Richmond River Express Examiner and ABC North Coast on Facebook Or you could check out the various news websites too. There were lots of media filming the events.

I felt really proud to be in Tabulam this week and to experience such a wonderful event.

The jacarandas are out in flower and giving the town a lovely pop of colour. The Grafton Jacaranda festival is on now and we are planning on driving down there this weekend for the festivities. We are hoping it will be a fun day out with lots of colour and events.


One adventurous Sunday

Last Sunday we decided to have a change from the usual boring housework routine and went on an adventure. The weather was perfect for a bushwalk, not too hot and not raining so we drove to Bald Rock National Park near Tenterfield and climbed to the Summit of Bald Rock (the largest exposed granite rock in Australia). There are two tracks to the summit, of course Linden chose the steep Rockface Walk. Thankfully, we came back down the easier Bungoona track. We were lucky enough to see a beautiful python and some Cunningham’s Skinks along the way. The balancing rocks were so interesting, huge granite rocks just balancing on top of the rock. It’s hard to imagine how they were formed. We missed the flowering of rock lilies which would have been stunning, but there was so much else to look at, we weren’t worried.

After our Bald Rock walk, we drove to nearby Boonoo Boonoo (pronounced Bunna Bunnoo) falls and walked the short distance to the viewpoint. There were some really nice campsites in the area an pools to swim. The water was a bit cool but Linden and the girls went for a dip in the Platypus Pool.

Next stop on our tour was Thunderbolt’s Hideout, believed to have been used by Captain Thunderbolt to hide from the Troopers. “Captain Thunderbolt” (1836-1870) was a famous bushranger who began his career when he escaped from Cockatoo Island prison in Sydney Harbour. He had been serving a sentence for stealing horses. It was fun to walk around the tracks and find caves and imagine a bushranger hiding out from the police.

This past school week has been a very busy one. The girls went on an overnight school camp to Thunderbird Adventure Park at Mount Tamourine on the Gold Coast. They had a ball playing laser skirmish, fossicking for thunder eggs and had a bonfire at night. The came back home with lots of stories and a bag each full of rocks and treasures they had found.

Swim Club has started back up again and they’re really enjoying Thursday afternoons swimming with their friends.

Friday afternoon the Bonalbo pub organised a Halloween Trick or Treat afternoon. The kids were split up into two groups and we had a list of houses to visit that were happy to welcome Trick or Treaters. There were so many scary costumes, it was awesome to see the children of all ages having so much fun. I walked with the older group and they were all so well behaved. There were lots of lollies handed out and lots of smiling faces. It was great to be involved in such a well organised event.

I’m definitely looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow though, it’s been a hectic week for all of us.

Until next time.

A walk around town

I’ve been wanting to do this Blog post for quite some time but never seem to get around to it (or have I shared a similar story previously and my memory is failing me again?). During the school holidays, while Mum was visiting, I took her for a walking tour around town to take some photos so I could capture what the actual centre of town looks like. She was a bit grossed out by my obsession with a decaying cow over the other side of the highway and I did take her to the first cemetery in Tabulam to look at some old graves by the river. There is the main cemetery up near the Racecourse, but this little one is just a few graves and I’m intrigued by their age and stories.

I thought people might be interested to see what this little town looks like. Hope you enjoy the snaps.

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