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A Busy, Fun Month

We’ve had a really busy month since my last update and it’s been so much fun.

The four of us had 3 nights in Mooloolaba for Alice and Lucy to participate in the Weetbix Tryathlon at the Sunsine Coast University with my friend Louise’s boys. It’s the second one the girls have done and they had an awesome morning. We spent the weekend surfing/body boarding at the beach or swimming in the hotel pool and catching up with Louise, Elliott and Liam.

On the drive up to the Sunshine Coast, we stopped for lunch in Brisbane to visit my Aunt, Uncle and cousin Cate. It’s always so good to see them and chat about what we’ve all been up to. I love them to bits!

Two week later, Alice, Lucy and I had a weekend on the Gold Coast where we met my sister Michelle and brother in law Carl for a couple of nights. We also had lunch with my nephew Phil and his girlfriend Ali. The weather was awesome and we loved the vibe of the Gold Coast. It’s always a very tiring couple of days and walked A LOT!

A couple of weekends ago it was so windy and cold, we didn’t even leave the house. The girls were starting to get a little restless so we created our own little photography studio and I dragged the big camera out to take some portraits. It’s been so long since I’ve picked up the big camera for a purpose and it felt really good. They were excited to put a bit of makeup on and pose for the camera. I was a little shocked to see how much they have grown, not my tiny little girls anymore.

The school Cross Country was held a couple of weeks ago and Lucy came first, Alice came second in their age groups. They both then competed at the District Cross Country with 5 other schools and Lucy came first, receiving her first trophy. She has been training so hard for it and we were all very proud. Alice came 4th in her age group and they both have qualified to go to the Zone Cross Country in Corndale (just outside of Lismore) in 2 weeks time.

Mothers Day was last week and we drove out to the Channon markets and afterwards discovered Protestor Falls in the Nightcap National Park. It was about a 15 minute walk through beautiful rainforest with a rocky creek following us along the way. The falls themselves were spectacular with a big pool at the bottom. It was well worth the detour.

The next day we decided to let the girls have the day off school for a family day. We had lunch in Lismore at a favourite café and then drove out to Evans Head where we could drive out onto the beach and practice our sand driving for our Fraser Island adventure later this year. It was too windy and cool for a surf, so we went to the skatepark and watched the girls ride their bike and skateboard around. On the way home, just outside of Casino is a huge sunflower field flowering at the moment. It’s so awesome to see that many sunflowers in one place.

I’m enjoying having Monday’s off work, it gives me a chance to catch up on housework, edit photos and write a Blog Post. Next weekend, we’ll go to Casino for the Beef Week parade which is a huge even in the Casino calendar. 10 days of festivities. It should be a fun day.

Until next time x


It’s been a while

I’ve certainly dropped the ball when it comes to finding time to update the Blog and let people know how we are travelling on this adventure. Over 2 months since the last time I wrote is pretty terrible but I’ll do my best to fill you in on what we have been up to.

We’ve hit the halfway mark of our 3 year adventure and still not 100% on what will happen when Linden’s time is up. We’ll have to wait and see what positions are available for him to apply for and if they will suit our little family.

I worked full time Term 1 in the school office and it was a hectic but very happy 11 week Term. I have really enjoyed being busy and learning new skills but will drop down to 4 days a week as of next Term. That extra day at home to catch up and recover will do me the world of good I’m sure.

The girls have also had a very busy term. They are still having horse riding lessons with the amazing Simone. The school swimming carnival was early in the term and they both made it through to District level but didn’t progress any further. Alice was the reserve for the mixed relay and that relay team performed so well, qualifying for State level in Sydney. Unfortunately one of the girls wasn’t able to attend, so Alice was asked to go as a reserve. It was such a great experience for the team to swim in the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, even though they didn’t make it to a final. We had a fantastic few days afterwards catching up with family and friends on the Central Coast.

Our school Cross Country was also held towards the end of term and Lucy’s training paid off with a first place. Her running has improved so much since last year, I think the training and her determination really showed. Alice came 2nd and they will both progress to District level early next Term.

Both girls made Easter hats for the parade at school and we did some Easter craft and baking this year at home. We had a very quiet Easter weekend, just recovering from some very busy weeks. A few days rest at home was exactly what we needed.

We have only just got home from our unexpected trip to Sydney, unpacked, washed clothes and have now re-packed for a 4 day trip to the Sunshine Coast where I will catch up with my dear friend Louise and her two boys. All four of the kids are going to do a Weetbix Tryathlon on Sunday.

Hopefully next week will be a little quieter to rest up before the new Term starts.

Little Mermaids

Can you believe it is February already? We’ve hit the ground running this week with all three girls in the family back to school. Alice is now in Year 5 and is in a class of Year 5 and Year 6. It’s quite a small class with only around 13 or so students. Lucy’s class is much bigger, being Year 2, 3 and 4. They’ve both stayed with the same teacher as last year and seem pretty happy, though it’s taking Lucy a little bit of adjustment to get back into the routine of school. I’m back working in the front office 5 days a week this term and it’s been a hectic but fun week. I’ve really enjoyed being back in the workforce after a long break. I’ve still got a lot to learn but I feel like I’m making progress and not asking quite as many questions as I used to.

We came home from the Central Coast thinking we might have a couple of weeks rest before heading back to work but who was I kidding? Linden went back to work and the girls and I had a lot of things planned. I spent a few days cooking and freezing snacks and meals for when I went back to work to make life a little easier. We went to Lismore shopping a few days and we saw Steve Backshall from the Deadly 60 Live in Concert at the Lismore City Hall. It was so much fun seeing him in real life after watching him on TV for years. The girls loved the show.

We spent 2 nights in Coffs Harbour for Australia Day and attended a Family Reunion of my Dad’s family. We used to go to these reunions every year when I was younger, either at a cousin’s house in Hornsby or one in Palm Beach. I have so many great memories of playing with cousins, hugs from Aunts and Uncles and swimming in the pool. It was always a fun day catching a ferry to Palm Beach and then spending the day with family. It was a mad rush to get the last ferry back home because we never wanted to say goodbye. In more recent years, the reunions have been passed on to the next generation and we don’t have them as often due to the extended family being spread Australia-wide (even world-wide) making it difficult to get people together. The original generation that started the reunions are getting older, making it hard to travel for most of them. I’m so grateful that we can still get together every few years and catch up with cousins, aunts and uncles.

We stayed in a Coffs Harbour resort with my mum, two sisters, brother in law and two nephews. We had such a lovely 2 days together. My little mermaids spent most of the two days in various pools and were quite waterlogged by the time we left to go home.

The girls’ gymnastics class started back up today and they looked so happy to be back at gym. Alice was complaining the class is too basic but there’s not much we can do about it at the moment. It’s still the closest gym centre to where we live and she can only do the basic Saturday morning class.

I think I’ve caught you up on what we’ve been doing the past few weeks. There hasn’t been much change to Tabulam, there is still a lot of work being done on the new bridge. The weather has been lovely this past week or so, we’ve had a lot of rain and it has cooled down a lot. I don’t think there is much else to report for now.

Until next time x

Back from Holiday

I’m finally getting a chance to sit down at the computer and write about our school holiday adventures. We decided to spend Christmas back on the Central Coast with family and stayed with my sister for 3 weeks or so. It was so good to be back near the ocean, spending time with friends and family and visiting our old favourite spots.

I felt like a tour coordinator with the amount of ‘catch ups’ I had to organise for the girls and their school friends. As hectic as it was, we had a fabulous time and it was beautiful to see the girls so happy when they spent time with their friends.

Christmas day was held at my Mum’s and we had a delicious lunch with family (some I haven’t seen for a very long time so it was great to catch up with what they have been up to).

The girls spent a lot of time with their cousins and old school friends, going to Aquasplash waterpark, the movies, the shops, bushwalks and lots of trips to the beach. I think Lucy had a years worth of sleepovers in those 3 weeks. I certainly owe a few mums some sleepovers when we get back and have our own house again.

I was lucky to spend some time with my friends too. Bike rides on our favourite trail, a trip out on a boat to a beautiful secluded beach and a couple of dinners out. Unfortunately, time didn’t allow for everyone I would have liked to see but maybe next time.

It was a long time away and felt good to head back home to some peace and quiet. We’ve had some down time since we’ve been back, just pottering around and trying to get back into routine.

I’ll be working 5 days a week for Term 1 this year at the school so I have been busy cooking and freezing meals and snacks to make my life that little bit easier. At least I hope it does.

We’ve got quite a few things to look forward to this year. I’ve booked a few small holidays throughout the year. We are off to Coffs Harbour for the Australia Day long weekend for a family reunion. This will be for my Dad’s side of the family and it’s always a great time to catch up and see family that we haven’t seen in years. I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ve also booked the girls in to do the Weetbix Tryathlon on the Sunshine Coast in April and we’ll spend 3 nights in an apartment catching up with my dear friend Louise and her boys and relaxing by the pool and the beach.

The holiday I’m most excited about is Fraser Island in October. I’ve booked 5 nights at the Kingfisher Bay Resort and we will explore the island and all it has to offer. Linden and I have travelled to Fraser Island before we were married and we had a great holiday then. We were thinking of camping like we did back then but after our track record of camping trips over the past few years, I decided a bit of luxury was in order.

That’s about it for us lately, we have one more week of school holidays and then it will be full on again.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s been a long time between Blog posts. As it is with most people this time of year, we’ve had a hectic few weeks and, at times, I’ve felt like I’m drowning. A couple of weeks back I was so stressed and my blood pressure felt so high, I was quite concerned about my health. I’m trying to lower it and not get too stressed but that’s just my nature I guess and I find it very hard to wind down and relax. Work has been full on with getting end of year reports out but we can breathe a sigh of relief that they are now done.

The girls both received very good reports from their teachers and the new class structure has been announced for next year which both girls are very happy about. They are going to remain with their current teachers. Lucy will be in a combined 2/3/4 class and Alice will be in a combined 5/6 class. I think Alice is happy not to have to share a classroom with Lucy.

They’ve had a fantastic year this year both receiving awards at presentation night. They both received sports/swimming certificates for representing the school at zone carnivals and Premier Reading Challenge Certificates. Alice also received Jnr Girl Champion for Athletics, a Premier’s Sporting Award certificate and medal. She also received an award for the “Most Improved in Year 4” which is a huge achievement for her. She has worked really hard all year. We are so proud of both girls.

They both received Gold Merit Awards which enabled them to go on this year’s Reward Excursion. They headed off this morning to Robina in Queensland to spend a couple of hours at Bounce. I’m sure they’ll have an awesome time, I just hope they don’t come back injured.

All their activities are winding up for the year with Swim Club finished now until next term. Gymnastics will finish on Saturday with their end of year concert. This year’s theme is ‘Musical Theatre’ and the girls are in a ‘Cats’ routine.

Their CAPA night was lots of fun with both their classes performing a routine. It’s good to have it combined with the high school so we can see the talented band members, art students, plays and fashion parade from the Textiles students.

Our last day at school and work is tomorrow and then we’ll start to get ready to head back to the Central Coast to spend Christmas with the family. I’ve been busy packing, sorting clothes and presents but I think I’m slowly getting there.

Lana the elf has returned to cause some mischief around the home. The girls are very excited to look for her every morning to see what she’s been up to. Me? – not so much.

Not a lot has been happening around Tabulam lately. They have started work on the new bridge so that’s all systems go for the next couple of years. We have cows out the back again and a few of them have had their calves. They’re a couple of weeks old now but these photos were taken when they were 1 or 2 days old. They are adorable when they are so young. The girls like to give them names and at last count we thought there were 4 but one seems to have gone missing so we’re not sure if it survived.

It might be a few weeks before I get a chance to Blog again so Merry Christmas to anyone that reads my Blog and I hope 2018 is a good one with lots of positive energy.

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