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There is something good in every day

Lately, I’ve had so much negativity in my brain and body and I know it’s not good for my mental and physical health. I can see it affecting the whole family and I hate hearing the way we are all speaking to each other. I find it difficult to talk to anyone about my feelings and ask for help so I need to stop and pause before it gets too ugly.

My favourite saying is ‘Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day”. I need to keep reminding myself this and find that little something good in every day. I’m hoping that all the negative thoughts and energy will pass and positive thoughts and energy will start to creep back into my life. For the sake of the happiness of our family, I need to make some changes.

I am going to attempt to be positive and upbeat on my Facebook, Instagram and Blog from now on. I won’t dwell on the things that are hurting or upsetting me. I’m going to share all the good things, no matter how small and insignificant – a flower, a calf, sunshine. Just that little something small that has made me smile on that particular day. The more positives I have, the more will follow. At least that’s what the experts say don’t they?

Yesterday I picked up my big camera with a macro lens attached and took Minnie for a walk down to the river. She’s so photogenic (when she sits still) and we had a lovely hour just wandering around and exploring. She’s getting more settled now and is a happy, crazy dog. She even listens occasionally now and will sometimes come back when I call her. She knows how to sit but will only do it when she wants to. She didn’t even chase the cows the other day which is a huge improvement. I think one scared her when it turned around and snorted at her a while back. The back paddock is getting really dry as you can see in the photos. We are in desperate need of some rain. Some of the houses around town have run out of water and have had to buy water. We are lucky we haven’t had to do that yet.

I promise myself happy thoughts and kind words from now on. Things will improve and I will be a better person for it.

Today’s ‘something good’ – Roast lamb in the oven for dinner!

Winter Harvest

We have made it to 10 months and can’t believe how fast our time up here is going. I think it seems to be going faster now that I’m working – it’s already halfway through Term 3. The girls have had a great Term so far and have both represented the school in the District and Zone Athletics Carnivals. They did so well at District, with Alice being named Junior Girls Champion. She then went onto Zone for 100m, 200m, relay and high jump. Lucy won ribbons at District and represented the school in the Zone relay. They didn’t place there but they had a great day with their Dad.

Alice was so excited one day last week and came running up to me to let me know that her class got to see a baby lamb being born. What an awesome experience for them.

Lucy’s Naplan results came out this week and we were so proud of her achievements. She is excelling in her schoolwork, even though she doesn’t think she is.

We’ve decided that we need to update our car to a larger, more rugged one for the conditions out here. I took a 4WD dual cab ute for a test drive today and the girls loved it, they wanted me to buy it immediately. We’re dreaming of all the camping holidays we can have in it and Fraser Island and Hervey Bay are high on the long list of adventures we’d like to do. Now to work out how we can afford it!

Blueberry season has started and the backpackers are in town and so are the cheap blueberries! We can buy them across the street at the Co-op by the kilo or if we are lucky, we get given free bags of them. Hopefully, if the season goes well, we’ll have fresh blueberries up until Christmas.

My sister is coming to visit for a weekend next month and we’re really looking forward to seeing someone from home again. I’ve already got the weekend planned with a Working Dog Trial competition and the Channon Craft Market. Then Mum will visit for a week during the October school holidays. I’m not too sure what we’ll do when she gets here but I’ll start looking into day trips so she doesn’t get too bored.

We’ve had a few frosts this Winter and Linden’s poor garden hasn’t coped very well. We are hoping things bounce back with the warmer weather but at the moment the front garden has frost burn and everything is brown. Thankfully we have a little vege patch that is protected and we’ve managed to grow some fennel, broccolini, snow peas and pumpkin. The rhubarb and strawberries are growing well but haven’t yet produced fruit.

This has been our first Winter here and I must admit it hasn’t been as bad as I was expecting. We’ve certainly had a few very cold mornings and evenings but not too many and the days have been beautiful and warm with only the odd cold, windy day.

I haven’t been out taking many photos these past few weeks. I’ve been so busy with work and the weekends are taken up with grocery shopping and cooking and cleaning. Hopefully, I’ll get back into it and would even love to make a video of the area one of these days. The paddocks are looking a little brown at the moment so might wait until it greens up again. It’s been a long time since we’ve had any rain.

Pity Party for One

Feeling a little homesick, run down and friendless. Trying hard to stop the negative thoughts take over and consume me. There are so many things to be grateful for and losing a few friends along the way is just part of life. I should be used to it by now. Quality over Quantity right?

Back to Routine

School is back and we are well and truly back into the work and school routine. We had such a wonderful, busy school holiday, it was hard to go back. I’m working full time again for the next few weeks which is taking some adjustment. I need to organise myself better for some kind of routine at home. The washing gets out of control and I’m trying to find quick and easy recipes for dinners at night. I feel like I’m losing control of keeping the house tidy. I’m sure we’ll work it out but for now, Sunday has been an at-home cleaning up kind of day. And finding the time to write and take photographs for the Blog is getting harder and harder.

The second week of the school holiday saw us at SeaWorld Resort for two nights with one of my best friends and her two little girls. The four girls get along so well and we raced around from one ride to the next packing our days full at SeaWorld and Movie World. I wish we could have spent longer with them. It was the best few days of laughing and catching up. We even managed to fit in a dinner with my nephew who I haven’t seen in years. He’s doing all kinds of amazing things in the Chemistry world with his Phd at Griffith University and we are all so proud of him.

The girls were lucky enough to have a Dolphin Experience on our last day at SeaWorld where they were able to learn from a trainer and get into the water with Starbuck, one of the resident dolphins. They had the best time patting him and getting splashed and talked about it for days afterwards.

Tabulam was busy last weekend with a service commemorating the Australian Light Horse Brigade. The history of the Australian Light Horse Brigade goes back to the Upper Clarence Light Horse Brigade formed in Tabulam. It was wonderful to hear stories and poems of the Brigade and we loved seeing riders dressed in military uniforms riding through town and demonstrating tent pegging. I think everyone was surprised at how many people came to our little town.

Later this year is the 100 year anniversary of the famous Battle of Beersheba led by Lt.-General Sir Harry Chauvel and there will be a 3 day ride from Tabulam to Grafton in October. It is going to be amazing sight to see hundreds of riders riding across the river on their way to Grafton.

The year is going so fast, October will be here before we know it and that will mark our one year anniversary of moving here.

The nights are starting to get very cold now and we are getting frosts in the morning which is very pretty to see. It was 3 degrees at 7am this morning though it does warm up and the days are beautiful and sunny with bright blue skies.

Another thing I’ve been noticing lately is how much I’m enjoying my own company. I like the silence and having no dramas of being disappointed or annoyed by people. No listening to the girls fighting or complaining. No demands of my time. Now, this may not be such a good thing as I’m not great at the whole ‘social’ scene, so the more I remove myself from the company of others, the more reclusive I’m likely to get. I forget how to talk to people and how to act around people. It’s hard for me to find and keep friendships and I think I’ll only get worse as time goes on. However, I have really been enjoying walking down to the river by myself, finding a nice log to sit on and just ‘being’ or reading a good book. I don’t get a lot of time to do it lately, so when I do find the time, I make the most of it.

Until next time x

We love Byron Bay

The girls have had a real treat this past couple of days. Lucy’s best friend and her mum came to visit on Tuesday and we showed them the sights of Tabulam. A lunch at the café, buying local blueberries that have just come into season and a play at the river were on the agenda. We then took a trip to Byron Bay with them and as luck would have it, Alice’s best friend was in the area with her family so we were able to catch up with her for a couple of hours too.

It was so lovely to see Lucy back to her quirky cute self and it was like her and her bestie haven’t been apart at all! Alice and her friend quickly picked up their friendship too and she was so happy.

We stopped for coffee and gelato on the way in Bangalow. I was pleasantly surprised by their CWA Rooms, it was a buzz of activity with ladies sitting around tables knitting and chatting. There were lots of beautiful handmade crafts to purchase too.

In Byron we stayed in a caravan park and the girls played in the water park and showed off their gymnastic skills on the jumping pillow. We had absolutely perfect weather and walked from The Pass up to the Lighthouse yesterday morning. Whale season is definitely in full swing and we saw dozens of humpback whales migrating, with some coming really close to shore. It’s such an amazing sight to see.

We wandered the streets, stopping for coffees and treats for the girls. There were buskers almost every each street corner to listen to and so much colour in street art. The three girls loved all the souvenir shops wanting to go in every one to see what they could buy with their pocket money. Eventually they settled on postcards, some jewellery, bookmarks, crystals, and little animals.

Walking along the main street one evening heading to Thai Lucy for dinner, we were stopped by a lady saying she’d love to photograph the ‘redheaded twins’. I had a little giggle and told her they weren’t twins but thanks for the offer. She gave me her business card and wants me to contact her next time we are in Byron. I did have a look at her work when I got home and wow, she is good! Maybe I’ll take her up on her offer one day.

We also visited The Farm in Ewingsdale, admiring the piglets and free range chickens, cracked Macadamias in the Macadamia orchard and ate delicious pastries from the bakery.

It was such a special couple of days for us to unwind and enjoy the company of friends. Although it is nice to back home to the peace and quiet of Tabulam, we do love Byron Bay.

We’ll have a few days rest then off to SeaWorld Resort next week for two nights with more friends. It’s really going to be an amazing but busy school holidays.

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