NSW Central Coast Photographer – Valley Beauty

When I was asked if I could take some family photographs on family owned property in an area I haven’t visited in a few years, I knew the location and views would be well worth the trip but I didn’t expect it to be as stunning as it was. The little dams on the property with sweeping views over the valley made me stop in my tracks. How amazing it would be to have this on your doorstep. I don’t think I’d ever get any work done, I’d be admiring the view on the back deck with a cup of tea all day. I had a wonderful afternoon with this beautiful family a couple of weekends ago.


NSW Central Coast Photographer – Macro Spider Web

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE my Macro lens? I also love spider webs in afternoon light. It’s incredible what you see when you actually stop for a minute and take the time to wander in the garden for no other reason than to look at how the pretty light falls on the most ordinary objects. Turning ordinary into extraordinary.

I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired and flat with my photography the past couple of weeks but when I take the time to photograph purely for myself with no expectations and upload images like these to my computer my heart skips a beat and I’m all inspired and happy again.




NSW Central Coast Photographer – Autumn Beauty

Every May for the past few years, I’ve taken photos of the girls in this lovely street near our home. This year was a bit rushed, we didn’t have much time and the girls weren’t in the best mood but they gave me around 10 minutes. Driving around, we also found another beautiful driveway in a suburb not too far away to take some extra photos. Isn’t Autumn a pretty time of year?


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