NSW Central Coast Photographer – Beach fun

AliceHaveAliceHaven (1)AliceHaven (2)AliceHaven (3)AliceHaven (5)Last Friday was a scorching hot day and I was lucky enough to have some rare time alone with our eldest girl after school so we hit the beach to cool off. She’s always so busy with after school activities. It is rare indeed to get relaxed, happy photos of this complicated girl of ours. These images mean so much to me seeing her having fun playing in the sand and totally relaxed. The beach and the water is definitely a place for our family to calm down. I know that when she’s tired or in a terrible mood fighting with everyone, we just need to go to the beach and I can feel the whole family sigh and relax.


NSW Central Coast Photographer – Jelly Fish

How amazing is our underwater world!! Our youngest wanted to go snorkelling this morning to see what sea creatures she could see. We took her to the Haven at Terrigal and check out this amazing jelly fish we came across. It freaked her out a bit, she cried and wanted to get out of the water but was still amazed at what you can see underwater.

NSW Central Coast Photographer – Underwater Love

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to buy underwater housing for my big camera but unfortunately the price tag makes it out of my reach. Being in and around the water makes our family so happy and underwater photography is a dream of mine. For now, I’ll have to settle for our little GoPro. Still have to dream about what I could do with the big camera underwater – one day I’ll get it. Last weekend I took my youngest to our local outdoor 50m pool to have a splash around and play with taking some photos.




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