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Hello 2017

Happy New Year to all my family and friends who take the time to read my updates. I am very grateful and without the encouragement and awesome feedback I’ve been receiving from my Blog posts, I wouldn’t keep going. I’ve always enjoyed taking and sharing my photos but didn’t realise how much I would enjoy writing. So thank you all!

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? I’d love to hear what they are and how you are going with them. If you are like me and don’t make resolutions, what are your hopes and dreams for 2017? I’m hoping we get the chance to explore more of the North Coast while we are living here with as many weekend getaways to the beach as we can manage. I’m sure our 3 years here will fly by and I’d love to see as much of the area as we can.

Linden’s garden is starting to colour up with some pretty flowers he’s planted in the front garden. In a few months it will be a sea of colour and will look so good. He’s such a hard worker and just loves his garden. And we get so many garden visitors. Yesterday, the girls caught two Christmas Beetles, a Stick Insect and two Katydids. Today it was a huge green frog.

We had a lovely couple of weeks with Mum though the weather wasn’t very kind to us and we weren’t able to get out and about as much as we had hoped. Still, it was lovely to spend time with her and the girls loved having their Nanny around (even if she did leave her hearing aids at home and couldn’t hear half of what we said!!).

Saying goodbye to Nanny yesterday morning on another hot day we were so relieved by a beautiful cool change and rain in the afternoon. It’s barely rained more than a few drops since we’ve been here and as we can only get tank water, we were hoping that we would get a good downpour soon. It was perfect and the temperature has dropped dramatically which makes everyone happier.

Having one visitor leave, we are now awaiting the arrival of our next visitors. One of my dearest friends Louise and her two boys will be arriving tomorrow to stay for 2 nights. I used to work with Louise a lifetime ago. She moved to the Sunshine Coast and we’ve managed to stay in touch and visit whenever we are able. I love seeing her when we get the chance and it’s like we only saw each other yesterday. The girls are looking forward to showing her boys around town and swimming in the river.

Here’s to an amazing 2017 full of adventure. I wish for you the very best for the year in health and happiness.

Until next time xx

January 4, 2017 - 10:50 pm

Karen - Hi Kathryn, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and your photos are absolutely breath taking. I’m glad to hear you’re all settling in and I agree that your 3 years out there will have flown by before you realise! Happy 2017 to you all, I hope the year is full of happiness, good health and great memories (and lots of visitors). Take care, Karen x

January 9, 2017 - 8:45 am

admin - Hi Karen, thanks so much!! Only 33 months to go 😉 Hope you are all well, love seeing your beautiful boys on Instagram xx

Goodbye 2016

As 2016 draws to a close I wanted to take a photo of the Tabulam Bridge. It’s been earmarked for demolition and it is truly a piece of history for this little town. Tabulam Bridge is the longest single span wooden bridge in the Southern Hemisphere. It is around 300 metres long and single lane traffic. It will be sad to see it replaced. I plan on walking back to get some different angle photographs of it soon.

We have had a lovely few days over Christmas with my Mum staying. I don’t think she was too impressed with the 2am wakeup from excited girls though. Santa had been and they wanted to see what gifts they’d received. I managed to get them back into their bedrooms to be quiet until 5.30am but it made for a very lazy, tired Christmas day. Thankfully, we didn’t have to drive anywhere and could just relax at home for the day. We had a lovely Roast Lamb lunch and blueberry cheesecake for dessert. Unfortunately Linden was called into work so he missed out on spending the afternoon and evening with us but that’s that nature of some jobs. Our neighbour’s wife also had to work so we invited him over for lunch and I was really glad that he accepted. I think the spirit of Christmas is all about sharing and I didn’t want him to spend Christmas lunch on his own. I think he had a good time with us and was grateful of some company.

Another lovely day was had on Boxing Day. We were so lucky that my sister and her family were in the area visiting her in-laws for Christmas so they drove out to see us on Boxing Day. We had a delicious lunch together and then went swimming in the river. We bought the girls big inflatable rings for Christmas and my two nephews received full face snorkel and masks which were so much fun. They had a great afternoon exploring the river and even found yabbies. We even managed to get Mum into the water!

She’s been saying how quiet and peaceful it is here, I hope that’s not code for ‘I’m so bored!’. It is hard not to get a bit bored around here and I worry that guests won’t enjoy it. I must say that the first 2 months have been lovely and relaxing but it is starting to get a little boring. I’m finding it difficult that any facilities/activities are so far away.

We took Mum for a day trip yesterday out to Evans Head. It’s the closest beach to us and is around 1 and a half hours away. I’d never been there before and was so happy we discovered it. It is so beautiful and I’m excited to go back out of school holidays when it’s not quite as crowded.

So at the end of 2016, I am sitting here reflecting on how on earth I got here! This time last year I’d not even heard of Tabulam let alone thought I’d move from our home in Bensville. It’s been a whirlwind few months but I’m glad we’ve taken the opportunity to give it a go. As Linden says, we’ll remember these days forever and have a good laugh at the things we’ve seen and done while out here.

Let’s hope 2017 is as fun and adventurous. We hope you all have a relaxing, peaceful and safe holiday and look forward to hearing all your adventures in 2017.

See you in 2017!!



January 10, 2017 - 12:22 am

Cindy - Hello. Ive stumbled across your blogs and omg it’s like I’m reading about my own life over the last 3 years here. Sometime you love the peace and quiet and other times you sit there and think im so board how am I going to get through the next 3 years.
School has also been my saviour, the more you can do the more people you meet. Keep it up.
You will gain some of the best memories of your life.
See you at swim club or are you coming to pool on Wednesday (blow up slide for kids from 2 till 4)

January 10, 2017 - 1:32 pm

admin - Hey Cindy! So glad you found me here. I’m keeping this up to date for family and friends back home so they can see what our life is like out here. It’s such a rollercoaster of emotions isn’t it? Won’t be long and your new chapter will begin. So exciting.
The girls and I are flying back home tomorrow for two weeks so we won’t be at the pool for the slide unfortunately. We’ll be back in time for swim club so will see you then. Have fun tomorrow afternoon. The kids will love it.

Hooray for Holidays

Only 3 more sleeps until Christmas and we’re getting very excited. My Mum will be arriving in Casino tonight on the Countrylink train and we are looking forward to having her stay over the Christmas/New Year break. Hope she’s enjoying her 10 hour train ride and not too uncomfortable. We’ve cleaned the house and made chocolate mousse for dessert all ready for her.

Minnie has lasted her 2 week trial period and we’ve decided she’s staying with us. She’s still barking lots but not nearly as much as she was. She has learned to sit and is learning to stay. She’s even playing with some other dogs which is so good to see. I take her for a bike ride every morning around 6am and she runs alongside my bike not caring about the cows, horses or chickens she sees. We take her down to the river and she’s getting more adventurous in the water, even going down some of the little rapids. She loves fetching a stick but doesn’t like to give it back and loves playing tug-of-war with her rope. All the toys we buy her? Well, she takes them straight under the house and buries them. Weird dog.

School holidays have started and it’s been lovely and relaxing so far. We went to the movies a couple of days ago to see The Trolls. What a fun, colourful movie with so many good songs to sing along to and a really great message. I thoroughly recommend it! This morning we spent time sewing little felt bunnies. It was actually really nice to spend a couple of hours with the girls teaching them how to sew. We would never have had the time when we were back home, always rushing from one thing to the next. Back home we were spoiled for choice of things to do, beach, parks, ice skating, reptile park, shopping, movies, anything you could think of was at our fingertips. Here, we have to learn to make our own fun. It’s hard that activities are so far away but I’m hoping we cope okay for the next three years.

We’re getting more and more produce from our garden, cherry tomatoes, basil, chives, shallots, zucchinis, beans, nasturtium flowers. So delicious and the girls love going out picking (even if they still won’t eat any of it!). We also have a big crepe myrtle tree in the backyard that has started flowering in a beautiful pink/purple colour.

The weather the past week has thankfully cooled down (though yesterday was 38 degrees again) making it much easier to sleep and more comfortable during the day.

We’ve put some Christmas fairy lights out on the front verandah to make the house look a little festive. It’s so pretty at night to see and I played around with some night photos of the girls practising with different light and I really like how they turned out.

Hope you like them too. Until next time xx

Merry Christmas

I’m finding it really hard to believe that the last day of school for the year is tomorrow and Christmas is next week. It’s really sprung up on me this year and I feel so unorganised. At least the Christmas tree is up and I think the girls have enough gifts to keep them happy and excited, that’s a start I guess.

Mum is arriving next week to stay for Christmas so it will be lovely to have a guest in the house. Hopefully we’ll find enough to do for the 10 days to keep her occupied. Luckily there are lots of little towns we can visit if she doesn’t mind a long drive to get to them. I’ve driven through Bangalow a couple of times and it looks like a great place for coffee or lunch so that might be our first trip.

Minnie is going well. She’s still barking more than we’d like but I’m trying to gain as much knowledge to help with her training and I think she’s improving. At least I hope she is. Just like Alice and Lucy, she doesn’t listen to me so we are working on that too. We’ve been trying to socialise her with other dogs and she’s responding so well which is a huge relief. I think we’ll keep her after all.

I’m not too sure what we will do in the school holidays. I’m hoping we survive without too many fights. It’s hard when they are the only kids in town. I’ll have to make sure we plan lots of day trips to keep us occupied. We do have 2 weeks back on the Central Coast to break up the long school holiday, we are really looking forward to that. It’s going to be a very rushed 2 weeks but I hope we get to catch up with as many family and friends as possible.

That’s about it from us this week, it’s been a quiet one.

From my family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year.



December 15, 2016 - 5:47 pm

lois - kathryn, have you heard of the Bangalow markets? i think (like avoca) they may be once a month, very simealr to aboca, lots of homemade wares, organic oroducts, food, live music and kids stuff! going for a cucle with karen this sat, first one since u left xxxx

December 16, 2016 - 2:31 pm

Andrew Burgess - Thankyou Kathryn, and the same for you and your family. With all the renovating, school, dance, scouts, piano, and now swimming, stuff before the usual chores, and Mikey’s stuff, Im totally with you on the sneaky Christmas theme. Hope to do better next year. The town exploration sounds exciting. Ive snuck out twice this week to see movies at Ettalong, so this has helped reset the machine and eliminate the monotony! Cheers

December 19, 2016 - 2:35 pm

admin - Sounds like you’ve been super busy Andrew. There’s always something on when it comes to kids isn’t there? Have you seen any good movies? I haven’t yet found where the closes movie theatre is but I’m hoping to take the girls to see The Trolls during the holidays.

December 19, 2016 - 2:37 pm

admin - Hey Lois! I have heard of the Bangalow Markets but haven’t yet been. They are on Boxing Day so I might make the trip then. I’ve been to the Channon Markets and Byron Bay Markets and I think a lot of the same stallholders go to all 3 so I imagine they’d be good too. Hope Karen didn’t kill you on the hills!!! I miss having people to ride with. I’ve hardly done any exercise since moving here. Love you xx

A much needed weekend away

A weekend away couldn’t have come at a better time. The heat here has really been getting to me. It’s constantly over 35 degrees and extremely high humidity. It’s only the start of Summer, I don’t know how I’m going to cope for the next few months. I usually love Summer but have always lived near the ocean where the extreme hot days don’t usually last more than a couple of days and we can usually cool off at the beach in the evenings. The weather here is so different, it just doesn’t seem to let up. Even with the evening thunderstorms, the temperature is still stifling.

So a weekend in Byron Bay was a perfect time to recharge our batteries and get back to the ocean we love. We stayed in a caravan park just out of town that had a great water park with slides and swimming pools. We were only a short drive to the surfing beaches and the shops. We spent Sunday morning surfing and playing at the beach. The cool ocean breeze was perfect and I felt immediately calm and relaxed.

Byron Bay is a lovely colourful town with so many beautiful murals and artworks. It’s very busy with lots of tourists and locals and always a good place to sit and people watch. On Monday morning we drove out to The Farm and had a wander around the fields and checked out the animals. We stopped in for some coffee and amazing pastries.

On our travels we came across some very artistic Christmas trees, one that was made from recycled bicycles and the other decorated with red surfboards. I’m always really impressed by unusual artworks.

Before heading back home, we drove up to Brisbane to collect our new pup Minnie. She was awesome in the car driving three and half hours back home. She’s a beautiful little pup and seems happy in her new home though it will take her a little while to settle in I think. She’s been barking a lot at the other dogs around town and I’m not too happy with how much she’s barking. I really hope that it’s just her getting used to her surroundings and it won’t be a permanent thing.

Fingers crossed she settles into a lovely dog that doesn’t bark quite so much and gets along with other dogs. I think it’s going to be a very long work in progress.


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