NSW Central Coast Photographer – Mandarin Farm

Last weekend we decided to drive out to Wisemans Ferry and spend a few hours picking fruit on a mandarin farm. We had a lovely sunny day with some good friends of ours and came home with more mandarins than we know what to do with. Thankfully we all love them and it shouldn’t take too long to eat the 10 kg we picked. It’s such a great experience to visit a farm where you can pick your own fruit, great for the kids to learn about where their fruit comes from and so much more fun than buying it at your local store. If you get the chance, you should give it a try.

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NSW Central Coast Photographer – Port Douglas

We’ve just returned from a fabulous family holiday in Port Douglas where we escaped the winter chill for a week and enjoyed the warm tropical weather of North Queensland. We had so much fun, snorkelling with green turtles in the  Great Barrier Reef, day trip to Hartleys Crocodile Adventure and a day trip to Mossman Gorge where we walked through t rainforest and swam in the cool creek water. Our rest days were spent swimming in our resort pool and shopping in the lovely little shops and markets of Port Douglas.

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