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Here’s to new friends

What a crazy busy week it’s been for me. The girls and I drove up to Brisbane on Saturday afternoon to meet the Kelpie pup we’d seen on a pet rescue site. It was a long drive but so worth it. We fell in love with little Minnie the 6 month old Kelpie X. She’s not had a great start to life and really needs a family that will love her and devote some time to keeping her active and continue with her training. We think we are the perfect fit for each other so we’ve agreed to adopt her. We are driving back up on Monday to bring her home with us. We’re all very excited and hope that she loves us as much as we love her.

I’ve told Linden he’ll need to put a fence around his vege patch or she will destroy it but he thinks she’ll soon learn (I think I’m right but I’m not going to argue with him). The vege and herb garden is growing beautifully. We’ve been able to pick a few zucchinis growing and the basil is thick and healthy. It’s fantastic to be able to use fresh garden produce in our pasta. Alice has taken to watering the plants every morning for some pocket money.

The weather has been really hot and as we are only on tank water here, we’d love to get a bit of rain to help fill the tanks. Some afternoon/evenings we get a big storm with lots of thunder and lightning but it rarely rains more than a few minutes. The river behind our house is really low at the moment too which makes it a bit scummy and not great to swim in. Fingers crossed we get some good rain soon.

Arriving here I didn’t think I would be able to find work but I’ve been pleasantly surprised this week. I was offered a couple of days’ casual work as an SLSO (School Learning Support Officer) in the high school where the girls go to school. I’ve only just started my course so really don’t know what I’m doing yet, but this is exactly the type of work I’ve been wanting to do. The high school children aren’t what I’m used to, having only volunteered in primary school before but I’m keen to learn and hope they accept me soon. I love feeling like I’ve made a difference in someone’s life and helped them learn. I really feel like I’ve hit the jackpot. Casual work with school hours and at a school my own girls go to so I don’t have to worry about before and after school care is absolutely perfect.

Oh and I’ve made a lovely friend!! She unfortunately lives 50 minutes away so I only get to see her every couple of weeks but we sit and chat for a couple of hours over coffee and she is such a positive influence on me. We are in the same situation, moving to a town for our husband’s work and not knowing anyone. Our husbands work together so we have lots to talk about and stories in common. She is a breath of fresh air and I can talk so freely and easily with her. It’s been difficult for me to sit and chat to people previously, I’ve always felt like a bit awkward, like I didn’t belong or had nothing important to say. I’m surprised at how easily I find talking to her and look forward to our coffee dates.

My next post will be all about our Byron Bay weekend and our new family member.

Until then x


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