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After the Flood

We’ve had lots of people asking if we were affected by the recent flood that devastated Lismore and other areas of Northern NSW. Lismore is one hour from us here and we visit every Saturday. We were so sad to see the footage of familiar streets and businesses so totally broken by the floodwater. It’s going to be a very long process to rebuild.

Thankfully, we weren’t affected by the floodwaters. The river behind us came up but not anywhere near our house. We had water views for a day and it was interesting to see how quickly it all receded on Saturday. The two roads to get to the girls’ school were flooded so we had a forced day off school on Friday. Not that the girls minded at all. Their friend came over to play for the day and we explored the rising river, did craft and played board games.

Saturday I usually go to Lismore to get groceries but as the City was closed, I thought I’d go to Casino. Thankfully a local told me that the supermarkets in Casino were bare from people panic buying and no supply trucks being able to get through so the girls and I took a lovely drive to Tenterfield instead. What a gorgeous town it is. We stopped at a coffee shop for morning tea and wandered the streets before getting our groceries. It’s a bit of a windy, long road but it was so nice for a change.

My photos this week are all from the phone, just snaps I took of the river while it was rising and the day after for comparison. To see the debris so high up in the trees was amazing to show how high the water actually got.

We are leaving tomorrow for a road trip back to the Central Coast for the school holidays. It’s going to be a very interesting car trip with Minnie. All five of us squashed into our car. We are starting to think it might be time to get a larger car or 4WD of some sort. There are so many areas around here that we’d love to explore if we had a vehicle that was more capable on rough roads. Our poor little Camry is getting a lot of wear and tear on the poor condition roads we drive on here.

Talking of bigger things, we’ve been so blessed to be renting this house in Tabulam. The rooms are enormous and we have so much more room than we had in our Bensville house. I can’t see how we are going to squeeze back into our old house and be comfortable. We might have to look at extending when we move back home. Or purchase a bigger house. There are so many things to think about.

Tonight is the last Swim Club for the season, the pool will close by the time we get back from holidays and won’t reopen until Term 4 when the weather warms up again.

The girls and I had a really exciting drive home after swim club a couple of weeks back. We saw our first Wedge Tailed Eagles. There were three of them feeding off a carcass and they were absolutely magnificent. They flew off as soon as they heard the car but I’m so grateful we got to see them.

I think I’ve rattled on enough for today. I’ll write again after our holiday.

Take care.

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